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Lighting Activation in areas around Wayne, PA 19087

We have lighting contactors, lighting components and remote controlled lighting.

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Lighting Activation




& Industrial Lighting.







Operational lighting contactors can be used for timer controls on exterior lighting, motion sensors, dimmers and master switch. The magnetic coil installed on various lights and remote control lighting.









Lighting Fixture Reconditioning, Refinishing, and Redesigned.







We are
Lighting A. to Z.

We are Lighting Consultants and Installers.








Commercial Property Lighting Contactors,

Lighting Fixtures and Bucket Truck Services.










Example of exterior lighting activation done cheaply. Notice separate 5 photo controls added here for the parking lot lighting circuits.











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Official / Municipal / Area Information
Radnor Township Official Web Site
Radnor Township School District . 135 S. Wayne Ave. Wayne, PA 19087 . 610-688-8100
Wayne 19087, PA The Main Line

Neighborhood / Community Information
Radnor Memorial Library
Wayne Business Association
Wayne Art Center . 413 Maplewood Ave., Wayne, PA 19087 . 610-688-3553
Radnor Historical Society . 113 W. Beech Tree Lane . Wayne, PA. 610-688-2668
Chanticleer Garden . 786 Church Road, Wayne, PA. 610-687-4163

A Bit of Wayne History
Wayne was first developed in 1870. A few years before that, J. Henry Askin built a mansion, called Louella, on Lancaster Avenue. Then construction started on the Opera House, the Presbyterian Church and a small community. Askin had plans for Wayne in 1870, but eventually he went blind and then came the financial depression in 1873. He ended up selling his land to Anthony J. Drexel and George W. Childs, who were the banker and publisher that planned to build a huge community out of Askin's holdings. In 1880, Drexel and Childs started their plan with the building of the Bellevue Hotel. Construction began in 1885 on North Wayne Avenue of the new development of New Wayne. At first, small cottages were built, and then construction spread throughout the neighborhood.
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