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High Reach Service for Lighting Activation for areas near Upper Darby, PA 19082

Notes and Photos by Able Group Inc.
A lighting activation system is needed to turn on a large group of lights at the same time. The components needed have magnetically driven moving parts which are electrically activated by a small timer or photo control. All lighting power supply circuits meant to be activated by this system must be distributed from this single point and run to every light. Lighting activation systems or control stations are almost always custom assembled for a specific purpose. The examples shown here are specifically designed and built by us and/or modified by us. There are dozens of electrical components which can be inter-connected to work any system reliably. We always recommend an over-ride switch to manually activate all lights for testing, servicing and/or the event of component failure.
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Rooftop Photo Control.







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Example of exterior lighting activation done cheaply. Notice separate 5 photo controls added here for the parking lot lighting circuits.










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Official / Municipal / Area Information
Township Building . Long Lane & Garrett Road . 610-352-4100
Upper Darby Police Department . 7236 West Chester Pike . 610-352-7050
Fire Co. No. 3. 7241 West Chester Pike . 610-352-1666
Upper Darby School District . 4611 Bond Ave, Drexel Hill, PA 19026 . 610-789-7200
Upper Darby Township Official Web Site
Cardington Fire Co. #4 . 350 Harrison Ave., 610-352-1088
Fire Co. Hall Rental . 7241 West Chester Pike . 610-734-0686
Primos Secane Westbrook Park Fire Co., Ashland and Secane Avenues

Neighborhood / Community Information
Upper Darby Twp & Sellers Memorial Public Libraries . 76 S. State Rd., 610-789-4440
Upper Darby Township Historical Society

Upper Darby History
The area now known as Upper Darby was originally settled by the Swedes. The Swedish Cabin, located on Creek Road along Darby Creek, was built around 1654 and has a Pennsylvania Historic Marker. This cabin is also on the National Register of Historic Places. In 1786, Upper Darby Township was formed out of Darby Township. It was settled by Quakers and some of the influential families in the township were friends of William Penn. One of the first homes in the area was Sellers' Hall, built by the Sellers family. A part of it still stands today as St. Alice Roman Catholic Church Library. Thomas Garrett, a well-known abolitionist is honored at his home called Thornfield. It still stands today on Garrett Road in Drexel Hill. The potential for growth in the Township was recognized in 1907, so the Philadelphia Rapid Transit Company extended the Elevated line to 69th and Market Streets. Upper Darby became the second busiest shopping area in the region because of the development of the 69th Street shopping district in the 1920's.