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Aerial Electrical Cables -
Notes and Photos by Able Group Inc.

These are photos from our service projects. Aerial Electrical Utility Cables and Power Equipment. Pole to pole aerial cables, aerial installations from utility pole to building, building to pylon signs, communication aerial work, high reach cable and wiring services of all sorts. We specialize in all bucket truck services, for power, data, electrical utility work of every kind. We are contractors for 50 miles surrounding Philadelphia, PA.
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Pole to pole, building to pole, we can get the cables to you. Aerial electrical services.
Aerial cabling systems for every purpose. High voltage cable to communication and data systems we are the company to call first. We have the experience with electrical utility requirements and local utility pole codes.
Utility Poles, Installers for Privately Owned Utility Poles

Aerial Electrical Cables




Cables running behind multi-level properties at a height between the floors are called "Mid-Span". These cables are normally a combination of unmetered utility power and utility communication. They are meant to service each property and are easy to make changes for changes in tenants.





These are privately owned utility poles which may have multiple power supply distribution circuits and at different voltages. The highest voltage on the pole is always at the top. Tensioning these cables requires specialized equipment and know-how. The creosote treated poles start out a very dark brown or near black but eventually fade to a regular brown color, or a lighter brown. It is one of the most common wood preservatives used in the United States. Creosote is made from a wide range of chemicals and is divided into two types. The first type is wood creosote which is created through the heating of beechwood or creosote bush. The more common type of creosote is created when coal is heated to produce coke (a cleaner burning form of coal) or natural gas. This process produces coal tar creosote, coal tar, and coal tar pitch, which are all mixtures of similar compounds and are referred to here simply as creosote.




Guy-Wires are used to counter aerial cable tensioning. Cable weight is obviously increased with the distance of it's span. The guy-wires are needed to keep the pole from leaning over time. Guy-wires require specialized equipment, hardware and know-how.








This is a CCA treated pole, Chromate Copper Arsenate, which is a wood preservative that has been used for timber treatment since the mid-1930s. It is a mix of chromium, copper and arsenic (as Copper(II) arsenate) formulated as oxides or salts, and is recognizable for the greenish tint it imparts to timber. CCA is known by many trade names and is the world's most widely used wood preservative. It is manufactured to national and international standards. New poles start out with a yellowish olive green color and do not fade much. The wood patterns also show up more on the CCA treated poles as the years pass.






New installations must be performed with an auger boom. A pole is buried according to this formula: 10% of the poles height + 2 Feet. eg. For a 45' Pole, the pole would be buried in a hole 6'6" deep.











Aerial Cables - Metering Equipment. These are "Mid-Span" utility cables which require mast brackets in order to raise them above the low roof line. These are three-phase cables with a combination of old services and a newly upgraded electrical service. This photo shows the ability to upgrade the incoming service or disconnect an old service which is the advantage of mid span cables.























Multi-purpose utility poles require plenty of initial planning and design for the aerial cables and guy wires being attached.












Aerial cable temporary power connection using tri-plex and a service mast due to break in underground power.











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Some Springfield History
Springfield's first established white settlement was made by the Quaker pioneers who came with William Penn in 1682. They were mostly English and Welsh, with a mixture of Scotch-Irish, Dutch, Swedish and German. The main occupations were farming and grazing of cattle. The white newcomers didn't have much trouble with the Indians, probably because of William Penn's principles for dealing with the natives. Eventually, as more people came, Indian trails were replaced by roads. Darby Road or the road to Amosland, as it was called sometimes, was laid out in 1687. Today we know this road as Springfield Road. The Delaware County Turnpike was opened in 1701 and is also known as Baltimore Pike. Even in colonial days, this was a busy road. Since there are other settlements in the English colonies with the same name of Springfield, it's possible that some of the homesick new arrivals wanted to keep the familiar name of their village.
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