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Official / Municipal / Area Information
Ridley Township Municipal Services . 100 E MacDade Blvd. Folsom 19033 . 610-534-4800
Ridley Township Police Department . 610-532-4000
Ridley Park Fire Co. #1 . Ward & Cresswell Streets . 610-522-0254
Leedom Estates Fire Co. No 1. 610-532-5555

Neighborhood / Community Information
Ridley Township Public Library . 100 E. Macdade Blvd. Folsom, PA 19033 . 610-583-0593

Ridley Township History Facts
Ridley Township was first settled by the Swedes in 1644 and then the Dutch in 1655. The area was known as "Amos land". In 1682, John Simcock from Ridley, Cheshire, England bought about 2,875 acres from William Penn and then named the area after his hometown. In 1687, Ridley was first recognized as a township and then it became a first class Township in 1906.
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