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Official / Municipal / Area Information
Police Department . 720 Maryland Ave. Prospect Park, PA 19076 . 610-534-2222
Prospect Park Borough Fire Co. No. 1. 10th & Lincoln Ave. 610-522-1830

Prospect Park
Prospect Park was laid out in 1875. The grounds have been surveyed in streets and avenues, with a large park in the middle. Mr. Geo W. Shirley is the pioneer of the place and he came when the park was first laid out. In 1878, a grain and feed store was opened by George W. Moore. It was located in what is today the Moore Station Industrial Park. Additional business came to Prospect Park in the early 1900's. The Robert Craig Company was a greenhouse operation and moved part of their operation to Prospect Park. They bought land from George W. Moore at 16th and Amosland Road, which is now today's Interboro High School. The entire company was moved to Prospect Park in 1923. The company operated its business until the 1960's and then they sold the property to the Interboro School District. Other areas within Prospect Park 19076 include: Prospect Park Marina, Prospect Park Borough Hall, Prospect Park Fire Company, Prospect Park Police Department, Prospect Park Free Library, Prospect Park Post Office, Prospect Park Elementary School, Prospect Park Railroad Station.
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