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Official / Municipal / Area Information
Norwood Borough
Norwood Fire Company . 26 W. Winona Ave. Norwood, PA 19074 . 610-461-1111
Norwood Police Department . 10 W. Cleveland Ave., 610-461-2308
Interboro School District . 900 Washington Ave. Prospect Park, PA 19076 . 610-461-6700

Neighborhood / Community Information
Norwood Public Library . 513 Welcome Ave. Norwood, PA 19074 . 610-534-0693

Norwood PA a bit of History:
The community of Norwood was named after the novel by Henry Ward Beecher called "Norwood". There is the Norwood Historical Society, even though it is kind of new. This organization started in 1999 and is a private non-profit foundation. Monthly meetings are held mostly in the historic Morton House. But in January, February and March they are held in the Norwood Municipal Building. With the restoration and interpretation of the Morton House on Darby Creek, and also evaluating other historic sites, the Norwood Historical Society will be continuously evolving for the history of the Borough of Norwood. Other areas around Norwood 19074 include: Norwood Fire Department, Norwood Free Library, Norwood Park, Norwood United Methodist Church, Norwood Police Department, Norwood Post Office, Norwood Railroad Station, Norwood Academy, Norwood Elementary School, Norwood Borough Hall.

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