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Norristown 19401 @ Action

Official / Municipal / Area Information

Borough of Norristown
Jefferson Fire Company . 85 School Lane, Jeffersonville, PA 19403 . 610-539-3990
Fairmount Engine Company #2 . 401 W. Main St. Norristown, PA 19401 . 610-275-0100
Neighborhood / Community Information
Norristown Public Library . 1001 Powell St. Norristown, PA 19401 . 610-278-5100
Montgomery County Records Department . 1880 Markley St. 19401 . 610-278-3441
Norristown Area School District . 401 N. Whitehall Rd. Norristown, PA 19403 . 610-630-5000
The Pathway School . 162 Egypt Rd. Norristown, PA 19403 . 610-277-0660
Katharine Gibbs School . Philadelphia - 2501 Monroe Blvd. 19403 . 610-676-0500
Montgomery County Cultural Center . 208 DeKalb St. 610-279-1013
New Life Christian Day Care Center . 2633 Hillcrest Ave. 19401 . 610-275-4405
Elmwood Park Zoo . 1661 Harding Boulevard, Norristown, PA 19401 . 610-277-3825

Norristown - a Little Bit of History
The founder of Norristown was Isaac Norris. He was born in Surrey, England in 1671 and came to the "new world" with his father. They originally came to Jamaica, then to the Philadelphia area. Norristown became a borough in 1812, with a population of about 500. At one time, Norristown was a retail center for the rural areas around Philadelphia. But because of the growth of suburban communities and big shopping malls, like King of Prussia and Plymouth Meeting, Norristown's retail went down and eventually collapsed. Other areas in Norristown 19401 include:  The Norristown Dam, Norristown Hose Fire Station, Norristown State Hospital, Norristown Army Reserve Center, Norristown Transportation Center, Norristown Farm Park, Norristown Police Department, Norristown Post Office, Norristown Area High School, Norristown Borough Hall, Norristown County Prison.

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