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Neighborhood, Municipal / Community Information
Newtown Township
Administrative Offices . 209 Bishop Hollow Road . 610-356-0200
Newtown Square Fire Department . 8 N. Newtown Street Road . 610-356-9590
Newtown Public Library . 201 Bishop Hollow Road . 610-353-1022
Marple Newtown School District . 40 Media Line Road . 610-359-4200
Marple Newtown High School . 120 Media Line Road . 601-359-4215
Delaware County Christian School . 462 Malin Road . 610-353-6522

 John West House on Goshen Road
A little bit of Newtown Square History
Newtown Square was William Penn's first inland town west of Philadelphia. Old Newtown was friendly and kind with three Inns, the "Fox Chase", "The Square" and the third was where the Pike and North Newtown Road crossed. But it eventually sank and became replaced by a bank twelve years ago. William Dunwoody, a philanthropist, wanted to honor his father and mother. So he planned to make his childhood home into a place for the sick and needy. Construction was held up because of the Great War, but Dunwoody Home opened in 1924. Other locations for Newtown Square 19073 include: Newtown Square Corporate Campus, Newtown Square Fire Company, Newtown Square Friends Church, Newtown Square Post Office, Newtown Square Shopping Center.

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